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Over two million burgers served since 1959. Cooking fresh every day! We are ready to keep feeding your family for another 60 years. 


What Customers say about Patio Diner!

We love our customers and we are elated when they love us.

Four days later...

"The shakes are so thick that they don't even bother with a straw - they just hand you a spoon.  Amazing.


"It's now four days later... and I am still having regrets for letting my dad finish off the shake."

- Alexis M
San Francisco, CA

Absolutely Amazing!

"Absolutely AMAZING! We went out of your way to have the pleasure of dining here again. The burgers are fantastic!!! I truly with this place could be everywhere we went. :-)"

- Denise B
Raleigh, NC

I rode 600 miles

“Simply amazing. I rode 600 miles on a motorcycle and found this little gem. … My lucky day. I am a burger and fry fanatic too. The burger and fries were both easily to 20 of top all time.”

- Ryan H
Trip Advisor

Employee Spotlight: Lynn Giddings

Another warm welcome to our blog! Today we are spotlighting our wonderful employee and long-time friend, Lynn Giddings! She is a Manager at Patio Diner and has been working here for quite some time now!! She is an important team member at Patio and we are excited for...

The Patio Project: How it started

During the Spring of 2017, Patio owner Lana Arthur, and Sysco Food representative Eric Acton were in one of their weekly meetings when the idea of a walk in fridge was brought up to help maximize storage for the upcoming summer months. The idea had been floating...


Welcome back to our blog! Today we are doing another Employee Spotlight!! In this post we are highlighting a long time, hard working, full time cook! His name is Tyrell Bushyhead. We are so blessed to have him as part of the patio team. He is a wonderful employee and...

Employee spotlight- Shea Frazier

Welcome back to our blog! We are excited to announce that we will be doing an employee spotlight, interviewing one employee per post, asking questions and hearing about their Patio experiences! Today our employee spotlight goes to the one and only Shea Frazier! He has...

“The Big B” Burger: how and why it was created.

Welcome to our blog! We have created this space for us to share fun memories, how menu items came to be, fun places to visit in San Juan County, and many other things! So stay tuned as we have tons more to share!  In this post we are excited to talk about the iconic...

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