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Chicken, Ham, & Swiss

With two chicken strips, fresh sliced ham, and topped with swiss cheese; the Chicken, Ham, & Swiss is a local favorite. Also available with grilled chicken. 

The Club

THE club. The Patio Club takes the traditional club sandwich a littler higher, literally.  Two layers of meat, three slices of toasted bread, thick cut bacon, swiss cheese, plus cheddar cheese. Eat your heart out. Don’t forget the french fries. 

Southwest Chicken

Get ready for this one. The Southwest Chicken Sandwich has the perfect kick: grilled chicken smothered in red enchilada sauce and sour cream, topped with cheddar cheese, and a green chili. Yeah, we went there. Feeling wild? Switch the grilled chicken for crispy chicken. 

Grilled Cheese

Aw, the classic grilled cheese sandwich. You can never go wrong when you order grilled cheese. Wanna kick it up a notch? Make it a ham and swiss grilled cheese. 

Turkey, Guac, & Bacon

It tastes even better than it looks. Freshly sliced turkey, and thick, sizzling bacon topped with a scoop of guacamole and served between a perfectly toasted bun. Dig in. 

*hint: add swiss cheese 

Fish & Slaw

Do you want to know a secret? The coleslaw on this sandwich is the original coleslaw recipe from when the restaurant opened over sixty years ago. It is that good. Two strips of perfect fried fish, topped with the classic Patio coleslaw, and sandwiched between two toasted buns.

The Philly

Patio’s take on The Philly sandwich is every bit as good as you hoped it would be. Grilled peppers and onions topped with swiss cheese and added to a hoagie roll is just the beginning, switch up your Philly by swapping the traditional roast beef for grilled chicken. 


Grilled or crispy chicken pair with the perfect scoop of guacamole to create this delightful sandwich. Add cheese and bacon for some extra excitement. 

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