Swiss & What?! | Burgers in Blanding, Utah

Swiss & What?! | Burgers in Blanding, Utah

Best Burgers in Blanding, Utah

If there is one thing Patio customers love, it is the option to customize EVERY aspect of your meal. And when you have the best burger in Blanding, Utah (or South-Eastern Utah if we are being honest!), we live for giving our customers exactly what they want. The Patio Diner is no slouch when it comes to giving a lot of variations for every menu item, and it’s impossible to get bored of even your favorite burgers in Blanding, Utah with this many options. From fries to burgers, shakes to fountain drinks, Patio has so much to offer!

The Swiss & What Burger

The Swiss and What Burger is one of these blessed customizable offerings on our menu. Choose your favorite between jalapeno, green chili, ham, or mushrooms to add to this one-third pound of beef chuck and swiss cheese covered delight complete with lettuce, tomato, and onions. Feeling spicy? Get the jalapeno or green chili option. Feeling savory? Ham is your new bestie. Feeling like veggies? Mushrooms for the WIN! If you don’t know which to choose first, the most popular option is Mushrooms and Swiss.

No one does burgers in Blanding, Utah better than The Patio Diner. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“We had a burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms… Good taste and value for your money…” – Michelle V.

“We opted to get mushroom Swiss burger (and they cooked at requested medium temp) … Reasonably priced and the burgers were generous (they said 1/3 lb but seemed bigger) and topping fresh!” – Peggy S.

“Oh my, what a pleasant surprise. I ordered a mushroom Swiss cheese burger with jalapenos and it was beyond incredible. The bun was soft, warm and tasty and the ingredients were incredibly good. Wow. Glad we stopped in for lunch.” – FloridaEverglade1

Come join us today and discover your new favorite customization for burgers in Blanding, Utah!


The Best Chili Cheeseburger In Blanding – A Beautiful Mess

The Best Chili Cheeseburger In Blanding – A Beautiful Mess

Welcome Back

It’s been a while since we have had an update for our Patio news, so hi, there! How are you? Despite the current pandemic and everything else going on in this crazy world, we at Patio want to say thank you for your continued business during this time. We have been so grateful for the support we have continued to receive, especially during the time when we weren’t able to have our customers, the life-blood of our business, dining inside the restaurant. We were grateful for the rally of our loyal local customers to help keep us in business by using our take-out and pick-up services. THANK YOU!

Just like the rest of the world, here at the Patio Diner in Blanding we are saying that 2020 has been a huge mess. It has been one big, fat, juicy disarray. Grab the napkins for this one, folks! You’re gonna need it!  I mean, it’s been practically smothered in delicious…. Wait! Are we talking about the year 2020 or the most amazing Smothered Chili Cheeseburger in Blanding?

Smothered Chili Cheeseburger

Our Smothered Chili Cheeseburger is much more fun to talk about! Forget this last year’s chaos. Let’s discuss our most beloved mess at Patio.

Firstly, we start out with our burger patty; a whopping 1/3 of a pound of all-beef. Next, a nice thick slice of Cheddar Cheese drapes it’s melty goodness over the burger patty. Now comes the CHILI. If you have never tried our house chili on one of our other dishes, like our Loaded Chili Fries, you don’t know what you’re missing. Made every day from scratch it is a chili you will not forget. To top off this burger, add a sliced green chili to bring up the heat just enough to have your taste buds dancing the cha-cha-cha long after you’re finished. Yum.

Well, my mouth is watering. Is yours? Come join us today and snag your own Smothered Chili Cheeseburger in Blanding! You won’t be disappointed. It is every bit as tasty as described.


Welcome back to our blog! Today we are doing another Employee Spotlight!! In this post we are highlighting a long time, hard working, full time cook! His name is Tyrell Bushyhead. We are so blessed to have him as part of the patio team. He is a wonderful employee and head cook. We hope you enjoy getting to know another team member at Patio Diner!

Q: Okay so tell us about yourself! Where did you grow up? What’s your story?

A: I was raised in a couple of states but I lived most of my teenage years in Utah. I came to Blanding to attend school!

Q: When did you start working at Patio?

A: I started working at Patio after a couple years of living in town. Fall of 2016 I believe.

Q: What do you like most about working at Patio?

A: My favorite thing would have to be the live music. Whenever I can hear it?

Q: What’s your favorite menu item?

A: Favorite menu item is a Grilled chicken philly with mushrooms.

Q: What’s your favorite menu item hack?

A: I’m not well versed in hacks, but I’ve always wondered why people didn’t just add vegetables to their happy sack burger. I guess it’s not as much food but a tiny burger is worth it!

Q: What’s your favorite memory at patio?

A: My favorite memories would have to be when I see all of us in the middle of a crazy rush but everyone but everyone is working together and getting orders out. It really shows how cohesive of a team we have.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: My free time is spent with my family, most of the time it’s just my son and I at home.

Thank you Tyrell for letting us interview you! You are an important member of the Patio Diner team and we appreciate all you do.

What are some blog posts you’d like to see? Comment below with your idea ?

“The Big B” Burger: how and why it was created.

Welcome to our blog! We have created this space for us to share fun memories, how menu items came to be, fun places to visit in San Juan County, and many other things! So stay tuned as we have tons more to share! 

In this post we are excited to talk about the iconic “Big B” Burger that has made a lasting impression on many around the globe and is a staple menu item at Patio Diner.

It all started when the previous owners, Brian and Suzie Bayles, bought Patio. In the months leading up to their grand opening, Brian and his Sysco food representative, and long time friend, Kim Acton would get together and mess around with menu ideas. During one of those conversations, they decided that Patio needed to have a specialty burger, one that was unique only to us. With a little more work (and we’re sure a lot more play) they came up with “The Big B” burger, and its secret specialty sauce. 

The name of “The Big B” came from Kim, who often called Brian “Bubba” or sometimes just “B”. Together, they decided on “The Big B”, The Brian Bayles Burger! 

After over decade, we are so happy to continue their legacy. The Big B is a 1/2 pound burger, served with fresh cut veggies, cheddar cheese, and our secret Patio Big B sauce. Come enjoy a freshly made Big B today! We can’t wait for another decade, and beyond, of serving this special burger, and many other delicious food items! 

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